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Does the color of Maca play a role in quality?

Lately we have heard claims of maca colors making a dramatic difference for certain individuals. This is certainly marketing at it’s finest.¬†Claims of blends for specific ages or health issues are inaccurate considering Maca’s natural adaptogenic qualities. The color doesn’t determinate the quality of Maca.¬†Potency is determined by species, growing …

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Are there any particular ways to enjoy Maca?

We urge you to get creative with Maca. It’s malty earthy sweet flavor is a delightful addition blended into smoothies. You can also add it to a baked goods for a healthier treat. Mix it into pancake batter or enjoy Maca-chocolate chip cookies. Sol Raiz Organics founder were originally introduced …

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Peru’s Breakfast Club – Emoliente

Raiz and Shine! Emoliente is a nutritious elixir found throughout all the different neighborhoods in Lima. The emolientero (mixologist) will have the knowledge to add herbs accordingly, making the emoliente a daily stop for many of Lima’s work force.

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