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Does the color of Maca play a role in quality?

Lately we have heard claims of maca colors making a dramatic difference for certain individuals. This is certainly marketing at its finest. Claims of blends for specific ages or health issues are inaccurate considering Maca’s natural adaptogenic qualities. The color doesn’t determine the quality of Maca. Potency is determined by …

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Are there any particular ways to enjoy Maca?

We urge you to get creative with Maca. It’s malty earthy sweet flavor is a delightful addition blended into smoothies. You can also add it to a baked goods for a healthier treat. Mix it into pancake batter or enjoy Maca-chocolate chip cookies. Sol Raiz Organics founder were originally introduced …

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Peru’s Breakfast Club – Emoliente

Raiz and Shine! Emoliente is a nutritious elixir found throughout all the different neighborhoods in Lima. The emolientero (mixologist) will have the knowledge to add herbs accordingly, making the emoliente a daily stop for many of Lima’s work force.

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