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Maca’s results on the libido and hairline: Sistah Vegan’s update – VIDEO

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San Diego Life Guard makes Sol Raiz Organics part of his routine.

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Sol Raiz Organics is the proud pioneer of Chacon™ maca. This variety is an annual, grown above 14,400 ft. and contains the 4 alkaloids proven to provide adaptogenic properties responsible for its traditional healing use, benefiting but not limited to the endocrine and reproductive systems for optimal body function. This …

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Does the color of Maca play a role in quality?

Lately we have heard claims of maca colors making a dramatic difference for certain individuals. This is certainly marketing at its finest. Claims of blends for specific ages or health issues are inaccurate considering Maca’s natural adaptogenic qualities. The color doesn’t determine the quality of Maca. Potency is determined by …

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Are there any particular ways to enjoy Maca?

We urge you to get creative with Maca. It’s malty earthy sweet flavor is a delightful addition blended into smoothies. You can also add it to a baked goods for a healthier treat. Mix it into pancake batter or enjoy Maca-chocolate chip cookies. Sol Raiz Organics founder were originally introduced …

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Are there any negatives to consuming Maca?

In a nutshell, the answer is NO! Maca is a whole food and as the world’s most powerful adaptogen with a true superfood profile, Maca is a superior daily maintenance product. Consider Sol Raiz Organics Maca as your most complete and nutritionally dense food source. The plant sterols and alkaloids …

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Maca’s distinctive properties.

sol raiz farmer junin plantation

Maca’s unique properties place this humble root at the top of nature’s bounty. Maca has the potential to boost energy levels – physical as well as mental. Maca may help to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression by balancing hormones. Maca root helps to improve collagen synthesis and may …

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Chacon Maca as HRT replacement

Letter from Kim Tower to Kenny (founder of SRO): “Hi, Kenny. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how maca has helped me with my quest to permanently eliminate prescription hormone replacement (Estrogen).  You may or may not remember my health situation, but to refresh your …

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Melissa and Chris owners/ The Greenery Raw Food Cafe

“Several of our costumers have tried many different brands of maca. After trying Sol Raiz Maca, they say no other brand comes close to the quality and specially the taste. After Kenny (SRO Founder) told us of the pristine process used to grow and cultivate this unique srain of maca, …

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Magnesium Stearate NOT included in Sol Raiz Organics products

By Zachary Keenan In today’s world of nutritional supplements, consumers are almost guaranteed to find an additional component included in their vitamins or powders, one that they may not even know they are ingesting, called Magnesium Stearate.  This ingredient is ubiquitous in almost all products offered in this category as …

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