Does the color of Maca play a role in quality?

Lately we have heard claims of maca colors making a dramatic difference for certain individuals. This is certainly marketing at it’s finest. Claims of blends for specific ages or health issues are inaccurate considering Maca’s natural adaptogenic qualities.

The color doesn’t determinate the quality of Maca. Potency is determined by species, growing altitude, process of harvesting, as well as mineral content of the soil.

Sol Raiz Organics Maca alone will give you the full spectrum of colors without the hype. We are proud to offer the highest quality heirloom maca available in the world: Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon that can only be found in the high Andes of Peru above 14,000′.

Our crop produces Mother Nature’s blend of colorful Maca. We get 80% golden Maca roots with a nice balance of black, purple and reds making up the additional 20%.