Sun Life Organics partnership with SRO Maca

By Zachary Keenan

Sun Life Organics is arguably the most popular juice bar in Southern California, experiencing unprecedented growth over the past few years and continuing on this trajectory with more new stores set to open in the very near future.  The man behind this successful operation is Khalil Rafati, who completely turned his life around from being homeless on LA’s Skid Row strung out on hard drugs to now owning the growing health mecca that is Sun Life Organics.  The Sol Raiz Organics family had the pleasure of meeting with Khalil at the West Malibu Sun Life location for a chat over lunch, which featured the store’s two best-selling smoothies, the Wolverine and The Million Dollar smoothie, both of which contain Sol Raiz Organics premium Chacon variety of maca.

In the NY Times article from October 2016 Khalil talks about his journey from pulling himself up from rock bottom to establishing a sober living house for others and then to developing the Sun Life concept where everyone could be supported to thrive at their fullest potential.  In the article he said it was at that sober living home where he first developed the recipe for Sun Life’s signature smoothie, the top selling Wolverine, a date and banana based smoothie made with Sol Raiz Organics Chacon maca, along with bee pollen and royal jelly, saying “it was meant to strengthen and rejuvenate the patients.”

Sol Raiz Organics has recently confirmed an exclusive partnership to supply the Sun Life Organics chain with all of their maca through 2020, not only continuing to be crucial components of their two best selling smoothies, but also being part of their mission to only carry and support brands and products that exist with full integrity in their sourcing, operations, and overall mission.  Khalil was excited with the plan to all travel together to the Junin province in Peru where the plantation that cultivates all of the premium maca for Sol Raiz is located, in order to meet the farmers firsthand and witness their traditional farming practices as well as the support that Sol Raiz Organics has contributed to the local community there.

Sol Raiz Organics is proud to be the exclusive maca supplier for Sun Life Organics, and we are excited to support this conscious company as it continues to thrive and support the local communities where its stores are located.  Head over to one of Sun Life’s multiple locations to get yourself a Wolverine or one of their other incredible smoothies, and support good people doing good things in the world!