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Sol Raiz Organics is the pioneer of Single Plantation sourced Maca. We offer a single ingredient product line, providing a superior variety of Chacon Maca from our own Plantation, high in the Pampas de Junin.


Sol Raiz Organics is committed to sharing superfood wellness with the world in a way that consciously benefits people and the planet.

We ensure the purest, highest quality products, organically grown and cultivated without the use of pesticides, fillers or chemicals.

What does the Sol Raiz Organics logo represent?

Behind our logo is a story that lends it’s origin to authenticity that cannot be duplicated. The logo is an image of the powerful Monument de Junin, where Simon Bolivar led Peru and Latin America to Independence on August 6th, 1824. To this day, the Monument is a reminder of strength and perseverance. It is also an ode to the strength of the culture of the Andes and all those who have worked to cultivate Chacon Maca for centuries.


Our mission is your wellbeing! Our commitment to your health starts well above 14,000 ft. in the high Andes of Peru and we are proud to share this gift with you. We believe in complete transparency in the food chain process by bridging the gap between grower and consumer. If you have any questions, please reach out to our knowledgeable staff. We are happy to answer questions and help.

Sol Raiz Organics